Own the Exclusive Fighters.com Domain Name, Website, Content, and Mobile Application

One of the most easily identifiable names in sports, Fighters.com, comes with years of high quality content and 10,000+ deep fighter profile pages (Added Jan 2014). The site has recurring monthly revenues and low operating costs. It receives consistent traffic with 55% from desktop and 37% from mobile. This is an amazing website package that could be yours if you act quickly.

Premium Generic .COM Domain Name
With this purchase you get exclusive use of the domain name Fighters.com, which is one of the top names in the combat sports space for both SEO potential and name recognition. It is a rare one word generic .com domain making it one of the most valuable online.

Deep Unique Content
Fighters.com is currently home to a fight blog focused entirely on MMA news content. With 11,000 original articles published daily since early 2007, the site is ready for an easy transition to a new buyer. Fighters.com is a Pagerank 5 site that has strong SEO potential with 13,000 indexed pages and 430,000 inbound links.

Scalable Publishing Platform
Fighters.com is built on the world renowned Wordpress platform making it stable, secure, easy to cusomize and manage. The responsive layout has fantastic usability and numerous features such as multiple comment systems, a custom slideshow plugin and ad management software.

iOS Mobile Application
The Fighters.com mobile app comes with the sale. The app was built for iOS and has 3,500 downloads since August 2013. The app aggregates content published on the Fighters.com site, and could be a tremendous asset with a few enhancements.

Significant Opportunity
This site has a massive amount of potential given the space and the framework that has been built. This is the perfect name for anyone looking to jump into or enhance their footprint in the 'fighters' space.

Fighters.com Offers Tremendous Value!

  • Rare Generic one-word domain in the primary .COM namespace. Only one of its kind.
  • 11,000+ full text articles comprising 3,000,000+ unique words of content.
  • Over 10,000 real MMA fighter bio pages.
  • A Pagerank 5 website with 13,000 indexed pages and 430,000 inbound links.
  • Fully customized wordpress website with responsive multi-viewport design.
  • iOS Mobile Application with over 3,500 downloads.
  • Asking price in the high 5 figure range USD. A fantastic value that will appreciate with time.